Illustration of Zigongosaurus
Vital statistics
Scientific Name Zigongosaurus
Length 16 metres
Height 7 metres
Weight 10 tonnes
Diet Herbivorous
Lived 150 million years ago
Range China
Zigongosaurus was a Chinese sauropod from the Late Jurassic Period.


Zigongosaurus had the classic long neck and whip tail of a sauropod. It was about 16 metres long and weighed 10 tonnes. There wasn't much that made it stand out from other sauropods. Incomplete fossils suggest that it looked somewhat like Mamenchisaurus or a similar sauropod.


When Zigongosaurus was first discovered, in 1976, the specimen was named Zigongosaurus fuxiensis. In 1983, it was believed to be a species of Omeisaurus, and was assigned to the name Omeisaurus fuxiensis.[1] In the mid-1990's, it was then assigned to Mamenchisaurus fuxiensis. However, its origins remain uncertain, and for the time being it remains placed in its own genus, Zigongosaurus.


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