An illustration of Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis
Vital statistics
Scientific Name Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis

Yangchuanosaurus magnus

Length 8 metres
Height 4 metres
Weight 3 tonnes
Diet Carnivorous
Lived 150 million years ago
Range China

Yangchuanosaurus was a fairly large theropod dinosaur that lived in the Late Jurassic Period. Its fossils were found in China.


Yangchuanosaurus was about 8 metres long in total, and its skull was about 0.8 metres long.[1] A larger, unconfirmed specimen may be 10 metres long. with a skull length of 1.1 metres. It had a bony knob above its nose, and multiple ridges and hornlets on its skull, similar to that of Ceratosaurus. Its tail accounted for roughly half of its complete body length.

Yangchuanosaurus was closely related to Allosaurus and its kin.


Yangchuanosaurus was the largest predator in its ecosystem, and lived with herbivores such as the sauropods Mamenchisaurus and Omeisaurus, and the stegosaurs Chialingosaurus, Tuojiangosaurus and Chungkingosaurus. It was likely it would have preyed on any of these dinosaurs.


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