I know no-one will read this except me. This is my table for redesigning the wiki.

  • Customize welcome messages Check, but need moar cutsomization
  • Renovate the Ranks page to be more serious (we now will be more like Wikipedia for prehistory) Check-ish
  • Modify rules Check, although might need some more versions
  • Introduce a referencing system---very important (so far, so good. let's keep it going)
  • Create an article for useful/recommended sources
  • Make templates to show we are redesigning, needs references, etc. (half done)
  • GET MORE USERS!!! I don't wanna be alone Promotion powers activate
  • Main-page renovation. I'm thinking of possibly a collab effort, with users like JoePlay (who did an uber-awesome job with the Jurassic Park Wiki main page) and MontagnaMagica (who did an uber-awesome job with the Coasterpedia and Reptiles Wiki main pages).
  • Remove comments. Discussion pages will replace, staff is doing this. Check

Add or cross out as needed.


Quick timeline for plans leading up to the promotion.

  • Clean up Special:WantedPages - an abriged list can be found on my to-do list. In progress
  • Beef up our current featured articles - I want to make them LOOK like featured articles.
  • Heck, beef up ALL our articles.
  • Make forum subcategories
  • Policies and guidelines pages - rename Rules and use as a hub. Also image licensing
  • Maybe get another interested user to come and contribute. Make sure they have an understanding of the referencing system, the no copy-paste rule, etc. Justisaurus, ThePalaeontologist?
  • Special:Promote. And so, it begins...