Just an idea on how we can structure our articles.

For a basic article:


Little intro about what "it" is Infobox here (could we create infoboxes for geological subjects such as volcanoes and meteors?) 

Features (or Description for animals/plants)

Placeholder location

Infobox here

What makes the subject distinct (like igneous vs sedimentary vs metamorphic rocks) and how they work (volcanoes=boom!). Or if it's a life form, "Hylonomus grew to about a foot long, and" so on.


How the subject came to be recognized (Alfred Russel Wallace first proposed the theory of continental drift), like discovery, naming, important finds (Oviraptor really was sitting on its own nest, etc.), &c.

Paleobiology (for life only, which we will likely be focusing on a lot)

Things like diet, locomotion, behavior (or "as if it was alive")

Appearances in popular culture

If applicable, obviously. If the subject features a lot, we can have seperate articles for it. T-rex, Wooly Mammoths, and "Brontosaurus" (I shudder at the name) will be prime canidates.

Gallery (if there are lots of photos)

That's my theory. Any improvements to make?

If this works we can create a style guide!