Megapirhana size chart
Sillhouette of Megapiranha in black compared to today's piranha
Vital statistics
Scientific Name Megapiranha paranensis
Length 1 metre
Diet Omnivorous
Lived 8-10 million years ago
Range Argentina
Megapiranha is a genus of piranha from the Miocene of Argentina.


Megapiranha has a body proportionally similar to that of modern piranhas, it measures a meter in length, which is much larger than today's species.[1] Only some premaxillae and teeth of the genus have been found.


Megapiranha was first discovered in the early 1900s, by Alberto Luis Cione and colleagues.[2]


Megapiranha bones

The holotype and only known fossils

  1. The teeth of Megapiranha are similar to both modern piranhas (which are carnivorous) and pacu (which are herbivorous). It is possible, therefore, that Megapiranha may be omnivorous.[3]


  2. Luis Cione et al. Megapiranha paranensis, a new genus and species of Serrasalmidae (Characiformes, Teleostei) from the Upper Miocene of Argentina. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 2009; 29 (2): 350

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