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Gastonia is an nodosaurid dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Period that lived in what is now Utah.


Known from relatively complete remains,[1] Gastonia grew to approximately 3 meters in length. Like other ankylosaurs it was heavily armored, and also had large shoulder spikes.


Gastonia was a polacanthine ankylosaur, closely related to Mymoorapelta and Polacanthus.[2]


Gastonia was described from the Cretaceous-age Cedar Mountain Formation in 1998 by James Kirkland.[3] It was named after its discoverer, Robert Gaston.

In popular cultureEdit

Gastonia appeared in Bob Bakker's novel Raptor Red. A pack of Utahraptor (whose bones were found in the same formation) encountered these dinosaurs through the course of the book.[4] Similarly, a Utahraptor attacks a Gastonia in an episode of the series Jurassic Fight Club.


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