Concavenator, with hump present
Vital statistics
Scientific Name Concavenator corcovatus
Length 6 metres
Height 2.5 metres
Weight 1 tonne
Diet Carnivorous
Lived 100 million years ago
Range Spain

Concavenator was a theropod dinosaur that lived in Early Cretaceous Spain.


Concavenator reached a length of about 6 meters, and it was very distinctive. Two very tall vertebrae formed a pointed crest that could have supported a hump. Concavenator is unique in this feature. The purpose of the structure is currently unknown, but a possible explanation is for display.

Significantly, Concavenator also preserves quill knobs on the arms, suggesting the presence of true feathers. If this is true it will beone of the largest dinosaurs found so far to have them (after the tyrannosauroid Yutyrannus).[1]


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