Basilosaurus reconstruction
Vital statistics
Scientific Name Basilosaurus cetiodes
Length 15 metres
Height 2 metres
Weight 7 tonnes
Diet Carnivorous
Lived 40-35 million years ago
Range Southern USA and Egypt

Basilosaurus was a prehistoric whale from the Late Eocene, about 40 to 35 million years ago.


Basilosaurus was extremely long for a whale, because of its elongated verterbrae. It has been described as the closest a whale came to a snake. Basilosaurus was 18-21 metres long, and its back limbs, being 0.6 metres long, were of no use in locomotion.[1]

Its large, conical teeth were probably used for eating smaller whales, sea cows, and turtles. A skeleton recovered in Egypt contained fishbones and the remains of a small shark.

In popular cultureEdit

Basilosaurus has appeared in Walking with Beasts, and the Walking with Dinosaurs special Sea Monsters.


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