Reconstruction of Aletopelta
Vital statistics
Scientific Name Aletopelta coombsi
Length 6 metres
Height 2 metres
Weight 1 tonne
Diet Herbivorous
Lived 75 million years ago
Range California

Aletopelta was a medium-sized ankylosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period. Its name means "wandering shield".


Aletopelta is estimated to be roughly six metres long. It had a club on its tail, a feature of all ankylosaurid ankylosaurs. It had spikes on its sides, and armour plates on its back. Two spikes also protrude from the back, above the shoulders.[1]


Aletopelta was named in 2001. It was named due to the fact its fossils were located near the border of the tectonic plate opposite the middle of Mexico, which would have been moving at the time, moving the specimen with it. The name was originally suggested by Ben Creisler.

The one incomplete skeleton consists of the leg bones (femur, tibia, fibula), as well as incomplete parts of the skull, ulna, hip bones and ribs. Sixty armour pieces and eight teeth were also collected in California.